Althea village is primarily a kids’ friendly place, which values family moments and brings the children hospitality experience at the top of its priorities. Several activities and facilities have been created to improve the summer vacation for the kids, entertain them, stimulate their imagination and creativity and shape one of their most cherished memories.
Unique playgrounds, playrooms and playhouses are ready to welcome our little friends, have them playing in teams, explore and develop their social skills and create a great and safe place for them to be.

Suneo Club Play-House

Our young friends can take the pilot seat or play passenger in the airplane-themed Suneo Play indoor zone! A kitchen waits for our little chefs to do their unique Cook Play creations! An outdoor fully equipped playground is available for great adventures!


Our playroom is equipped with many games for our guests such us table tennis, pool, air hockey and much more. Our goal is to create a daily routine for the kids that is full of activities, exploring their social skills and introducing them to new sports and games!