The perfect Anniversary Celebration

First of all… congratulations!! 

You have not only achieved to find your significant other, but you also have made it through the years. That totally deserves a special celebration! 


  • Organize a romantic private dinner under the lights of the stars! You can make it as a picnic on the beach or ask the restaurant to set a table in a separate space and serve you privately a preordered menu with your favorite flavors.

beach picnic

  • Book a private sailing trip to one of the exotic beaches of Chania. What can possibly be more romantic than sailing to the sunset?

  • Make a full-day spa reservation and let your bodies and minds relax to the fullest.

  • If you are more adventurous, you can even book a paradigling which you can share with your significant other or a safari tour of Chania! 


Don’t forget that the person who shares its life with you deserves nothing less than a memorable experience!